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Friday, January 4, 2013

NC State Day 2013

Hello, it sure has been a busy second half of the year!  I wanted to post some updates on the club happenings.

The biggest news is that our club will be hosting the NC State Day Event in 2013.  We are a new club and we don't have a large group, but we are really motivated and excited about this event.  We have a great group that seems to work really well together!

Well, since the convention, we have had several meetings.  In September, we got together for a fun meeting to share news and do a show and tell of our convention treasures.  We also all went down to Charlotte to meet at Debbie's house for lunch and to do some serious State Day planning.  We did get quite a bit accomplished and the chicken salad was delicious!

In October, naturally we met for the 3rd annual NAME DAY event.  This year we built "The Alcove" kits.  We had a special treat because Jean was able to come up from SC and play!  We had a very productive morning, then broke for lunch at a local restaurant next door.  We came back and got some more work done.  Some finished theirs, some finished 2 of theirs, and others (ok, me) did not quite complete their first one, but it was all a very fun day. 

As we were winding things down, and packing up, Lynn wanted us to go an see a local shop that she loves, so of course we had to go and shop for a bit! 

After NAME Day, we all got rather busy and did not meet again until November.  Even then there were only 3 of us and we just went out to dinner. 

The first weekend was really fun!  That Friday night we all go down to Charlotte for what they call "Dinner and a Mini".  This is a group of about 25-30 people who get together for an evening to do a Christmas themed project and of course - have dinner.  The hosting club uses it as a fund raiser and it is always a great time!  We try not to stay too late because it is about a 1-1/2 hour drive home. The project we did this year was a quarter inch scale church which is covered in snow.  You don't ever go inside the church, but it is unique in that it was designed to light up inside by using flickering tea lights. 

Lynn's Church

Martie's Church
Then we get up bright and early the next morning and drive back to to that area for P.J.'s Miniatures store's yearly Christmas day of make-it-take-it's.  You go and they have different people teaching you how to make small quick projects.  We made tree skirts, a partially sliced roast, peppercorn wreath, an child's antique pull toy, hanging Santa decoration, mugs of hot chocolate and decorative cakes.  I may have missed something, but that is all I can recall right now. They have snacks, lunch and of course shopping.  We are after all in a miniature store!

Then we met once more for the year - it was a gift exchange and planning meeting to go over some more State Day planning and getting more details ironed out. 

I think that pretty much catches us up for the year.  I have just finished getting the registration forms up and available here in the links on the side and also on our State Day Face Book Page HERE.  Now to move on to getting the registration packets ready to go.

Take Care,

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