We are a NAME miniature club based out of North Carolina. We are a lively group who - above all - strive to have fun. We are very dedicated to minitures and sharing our craft with as many people who want to learn.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NC State Day Raffle Opportunity

Well, we are hard at work getting the details of State Day taken care of and some of the raffle items are starting to come in so I thought I would share one with you:

This is the 40 Year Anniversary house that was given out at the National Convention last year in Charlotte NC.   The other item is a couch and chair to go into the house.  This is 1/144" scale.  We actually have received 2 sets of these as donations for Raffle items, so we have decided to put one up for a mail in raffle item for those that cannot attend our State Day event.  The money for this item will be going to the hosting club - The Merry Mini Makers of the Triad - to be used for community events.  If you are interested in entering the Raffle please mail your money and info to:

Joanie Heilig
601 Ashe Street
High Point,  NC  27262

Check to be made payable to: "Merry Mini Makers of the Triad"

Tickets prices are as follows:

1 ticket for 1.00
6 tickets for 5.00
12 Tickets for 10.00
25 Tickets for 20.00

All entries must be RECEIVED (not postmarked) by Wednesday April 24, to guarentee they will get added to the raffle.
When we receive your entry, Joanie will put your name on the tickets and add them to the jar.
This raffle Items will be exclusively for mail in entries.  the other one will be used exclusively for the attendees of the event.

Of course if your able to, we would love to see you at the event- then you can raffle for the other house AND get to do a fun project.  The registration information is in the sidebar to the right.  Directly under the photo of the project.

Take Care,