We are a NAME miniature club based out of North Carolina. We are a lively group who - above all - strive to have fun. We are very dedicated to minitures and sharing our craft with as many people who want to learn.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Up to Speed

This is our first post to get this blog off the ground so to speak.  Our club was created in May of 2011.  We started off with 5 core members and are slowly growing our group of mini friends. 

Besides our regular meetings, we do get periodically get together for special projects. 

**We all get together for the 2011 NAME DAY event to work on the counter.

**We also made tote bag favors for the 2011 SC State Day event "His & Hers- Opposites Attract".  We made little plates of iced cookies. 

  **One of our members won a raffle from NAME out of the Miniature Gazette.  It was a beautiful red dress! 



We are currently getting ready to go to the NAME National Convention in Charlotte NC in a little over a week.  This will be a very special trip because we all get to go together and it will be the first national convention for a lot of us!

We made tote bag favors for this event as well, which was interesting to say the least!  You are supposed to make 500 of whatever your making, but for some strange reason (insanity!) we decided to make something that was a pair.  So, we made 1000 of them.  I will post pictures of them when we get back, so as not to spoil the surprise!

That is all for now, and that should catch everyone up on the major events of the past year.

Take Care!