We are a NAME miniature club based out of North Carolina. We are a lively group who - above all - strive to have fun. We are very dedicated to minitures and sharing our craft with as many people who want to learn.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back from Charlotte

Well, the National Miniature Convention in Charlotte is over and all of our members have survived!  Like any week long trip, there were ups and downs, but we all has fun and came home with more mini treasures than we know what to do with. For me, as a first time convention goer, it was all relatively foreign to me, but thank goodness I had some veterans along to make it easier & help it all make sense.  It was wonderful to meet some new friends and to learn some new things about old friends.  I was just going to post a few group pictures that I did manage to get.

Our 'Hostess with the Most-ess' will all of her PEEPS!
(we were one of the more sprited table  :) )
 The next few are of our group sorting out our Roundtables.  We had 9 people involved in our "divide & conquer" plan.  We basically took the entire list of roundtables available & each person was responsible for getting all the roundtables- in all scales-for all 9 people- for the items that were assigned to them.  This turned out to be a little more involved than we originally thought, but it all worked out.  When all was said & done, we ended up with about 200 or so  roundtables that we all obtained within about 4 minutes.  We originally had 210 to get, but some of them sold out before we could get them.  The photos below are us in the grand hallway sorting out our new goodies. 

Once we were all done sorting, there were some in the group (myself included) that did a mad dash back into the roundtables room to get a few more if there were any left!!!  There were just some deals we COULD NOT miss.

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